RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard GK-20


Frequently Bought Together


1. RGB LIGHT WITH ILLUMINATED KEY-CAP: The colorful illuminated keyboard can be great for playing the game at night even without light.
2. 19 ANTI GHOST KEYS FOR GAMING: Stimulate the number of keystrokes that reach the limit of your fingers and quickly and accurately reflect all key actions in the game.
3. FN+MULTIMEDIA KEYS AND WINDOWS LOCK: 104 keys standard keyboard, 16 multimedia keys, 6 macro function keys, and windows lock key facilitate the operation of your work or game and improve efficiency.
4. 8 MODES LIGHT EFFECT: 8 modes RGB light effect allow you to adjust according to your preference.
5. WITH MACRO FUNCTION & CUSTOMIZED SOFTWARE: It is perfect for playing games with the macro function and customized software that can be adjusted to your preferences.

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