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About Micropack

Improvement is an eternal theme nowadays, we always keep on improving.
Micropack evolves, makes progress, moves forward, and continuously provides the best performance products for customers.
Micropack is registered in Hongkong, and the R&D center, product design department, and production lines are located in guangzhou, China.
In the early stages, Micropack developed the mouse with the innovative feature of Blue-Tech technology, which allowed the mouse to work on almost any friconless desktop surface, including glass. After 8 years of efforts in researing and developing in computer accessories,
Micropack has expanded its product range, including Mobile Accessories, Audio series and high perfermance products.
Micropack deeply focuses on high quality and competitive consuming electronic field, our products are including computer accessories, mobile accessories, audio series etc..
Micropack understands the concepts of urban digital living and greatly focuses on developing great performance products for its diversely connected customers.
We insure your digital life with safe, high quality and stylisl exactly as our company motto says " Digitally Yours"
Micropack has sincere distribution partners globally, we are committed to developing best products and offer sincere and high efficient service to our loyal customers all over the world.


As a company with more than ten years of industry experience, we take great pride in our certifications and qualifications. Our products have been certified by various organizations such as PD, QI, MFI, CE, FCC, and RoHS. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to producing high-quality and safe products that meet the most stringent industry standards. We continuously strive to maintain our certifications and stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements to ensure that our customers receive products of the highest quality.

Product Category

Micropack has three main product lines which include computer accessories, phone accessories, and gaming accessories. These product lines consist of over a dozen different product series. Our computer accessories series includes products such as mice, keyboards, headphones, speakers, webcams, multiport adapters, and wireless presenters. For our phone accessories series, we offer fast charging cables, fast charging blocks, and wired and wireless power banks. Our gaming series includes mice, keyboards, headphones, speakers, mouse pads, and gaming chairs. Plus a special series that uses antibacterial materials. Offline UPS series.

Product Packaging

Our packaging and instructions are designed by our professional designers. If you would like to customize your own packaging, we can provide you with individualized design services according to your requirements.






Warranty Service

Our products have a minimum warranty period of one year, with the USB cable and presenter having a warranty period of up to three years. The warranty period for products such as mice, keyboards, power banks, chargers, webcams, speakers, headphones, multiport adapters, projectors, and others is 1-2 years. Consumers can contact us for after-sales support through our official website, social media accounts, email, or other available means if they encounter any issues during the usage period.

Social Midea

On social media networks, we have official accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The launch of new products and brand promotions will be synchronized on these social media accounts. You can find and follow us by using the search function on each platform.

Marketing Support

In terms of marketing, we can also provide a lot of support. For example, for indoor and outdoor advertising, we can offer professional poster design assistance. For social media promotion, we can provide product samples or operational strategy support. And some other activities like title sponsorship.

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