Mini Projector DLP Projector MPJ-01


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Bluetooth 5.0 Enable to Connect External Equipment: Via Bluetooth function you can connect an external game pad, speaker, mouse, keyboard etc.
Built-in Control Panel: DLP projector control panel gives you the power to navigate menus and more with ease, directly from the device. Avoid always looking for remote control.
The App are Endless: Based on newest Android 9.0 operating system. This micro projector pre-installed "Play Store". So projector itself is a smart device that can download all the apps you want.
The Ideal Angle: With horizontal and vertical keystone, you can project a squared, stable image at almost any angle.
Work Like a Smart TV: Smart projector based on newest Android 9.0 operating system,which has 32GB Memory,friendly-user interface,and built-in Play Store,easily access to thousands of free and paid apps.

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